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Car Trouble Makes Me Crazy

Ok, so we survived Spring Break, but just barely. It was all going great until Saturday night. Keith and J spent all week at the at the NJCAA Men Basketball tournament. They had fun watching all the teams compete for the national title. They even stayed to the final game on Saturday, which made us leave Hutchinson late that night.


So here is the tale…We left around nine-thirty Saturday night. This is not something unusual for us, but I had to work the next day so we wanted to get home. We were about 20 minutes into the drive when the car just stopped working.

The gas gage still said we had plenty of gas, and I had the alternator and starter go out before, so I knew it wasn’t that. Maybe it was the oil, but there hadn’t been any leaks. Keith coasted us to a stop along the side of the road, and we called my mom.

I want to give a big shoutout to my mom for coming and rescuing us so late at night. She is the best. Anyway, we sat and waited for her to show up (which was about 25 minutes) and tried to problem solve what it could be.

Keith determined that we needed gas despite the car indicating that we had a quarter tank. So when my mom showed up, we piled into her car and drove two mile to the town we just passed to try to get gas.

I went into the filling station to buy a gas can, but they were out. Now we are on to option B. Which way do we go to get the gas can. We are 20 minutes from my Mom’s and 25 minutes from home. Either way it was late (after 11), and we needed to get the kids to bed. I call Keith and we head back to the car.

We make the decision to have my mom take up home, and then we will get the gas can and try that. She drives us home, I tuck the kids into bed and Keith and I take off with the gas can and some coolant (because he noticed it was low). Twentyish minutes later were are pulling up behind the car.

Keith pours some gas into the tank and we try to turn over the engine. Now the battery is dead. He pulls around the truck so we can jump the car. We try once more, but nothing. He puts some more gas into the car, and we let the battery charge for a few minutes. Finally, the car turns over.

We ran out of gas even though the gage said that we still had plenty to get home, we ran out of gas. So this week we get to take the car in and find out if it is the gas sensor or the fuel pump, and I hope it is not too expensive.

We had a great Spring Break with only a minor bump in the road. I hope everyone has had a great week. We’ll see what crazy adventures are in store for us in the near future. Bye for now.