Shopping Makes Me Crazy

I know many women have faced similar frustrations while shopping that I have. After three kids, I’m not exactly a size 10 anymore. In fact, after three kids I know I need to lose weight, but I don’t know if I’m mentally ready to tackle that right now. (This is another post all together.)

Anyway back to the topic. Shopping. I received some money for Christmas and I thought it would be nice to update some of my jeans. Big mistake or at least frustrating mistake. I’m to the point where I want to give up and just continue wearing the the same worn-out jeans I have been for years.

Photo by it’s me neosiam from Pexels

My frustration is firmly implanted in the disparities between types of jeans. Don’t get me wrong, there are jeans out there that are perfect for me, but I haven’t found them yet. While shopping I have found several problems with the jeans:


  1. Jeggings: This tight spandex looking pants are masquerading as jeans. Despite there comfort and fit, they have major problems that I take exception to, including but not limited to not having pockets (I will address this problem a little later), no belt loops, highlighting flaws instead of helping to cover them up, and being too short.
  2. Junior size Vs. Women/ladies sizes: As I said before after three kids my body is not what it once was. There was a time I could confidently pick up a pair of jeans and take them home without trying them on and they would fit perfectly. Now, not so much. There are so many different sizes to pick from in the stores. Junior sizes get all the cute styles and colors. These petite, semi-jeans are flattering to only the girls who have not yet experienced puberty or women who have no hips, thighs, or butts. Once you get past the junior jeans, you are met with mom jeans which are  something that looks like jeans, but have elastic for a waist band instead of a button and zipper. There does not seem to be any in between. I’m not opposed to elastic in general, but jeans should never have elastic bands. I’m not old enough to want to experience mom jeans.
  3. No Pockets: Who decided that women don’t need pockets. My husband has pockets so big in his pants that holds his wallet, chapstick, change, keys, random items my kids want him to hold and so much more, but I’m lucky if they will hold a quarter if there are even pockets at all. This is a source of resentment and frustration.
  4. Not long enough: I’m tall, so this may not be a problem for everyone, but I like my jeans to be long enough for me. I don’t want to wear something that is too short, and I’m sorry but average is not what my legs are. I need longs, and they are hard to find, so many of my jeans are too short.

All I want when I look for jeans is something comfortable, with pockets, and they need to be long enough. They also have to be flattering to my body type and be reasonable priced. I don’t think I’m asking for too much.

I’m a mom of three, so budget is tight and I will not spend over $75 on a pair of jeans (even that is expensive when I haven’t spent that kind of money on myself in a long time).

I will not give up despite my frustration, but if anyone thinks they have found the perfect jean leave me a message in the comments and I will try them. I’m willing to continue looking, but I’m also afraid of what I will find.