Crazy Celebration

Today, we took a break from all the crazy with moving and all the summer activities to celebrate S’s birthday. On Sunday, she will turn 9 and to celebrate we went to the zoo. Our children love to go to the zoo, and we have a fabulous. Some of their favorite animals to see are the gorillas, tigers, penguins, and hippos.

Picture courtesy of Christine Gable. 

When it is time for a birthday, we always ask the kids what they want to do to celebrate. S picked the zoo and lunch. So we took off to the zoo today. We made all our favorite stops and took pictures at all our favorite statues.

So, since we celebrated today, I wanted to take a chance to wish S the happiest of birthdays. I know this year will be filled with a lot of changes, but I know it will be one of her best years yet.

My hopes for S this year are:

  • You shine in everything you do
  • You take on adventures that are exciting
  • You dream and find ways to make your dreams come true

I know everything she does will be filled with lessons and excitement. I want her to explore her world and find new paths. She will make new friends. She will try new things, and in the end S will grow a little more into the woman she will one day become. So, on the brink of this exciting new year, I want to wish her happy birthday.

Have a great week, and I will see you next week.