Crazy for Books

Ok, for those of you who know me know I love a good book. I’m not super picky. I like YA (Young Adult), Romance, Chick Lit, History, Historical Fiction, etc. I not crazy about horror, non-fiction, memoirs, but I have been known to pick them up occasionally (like maybe once a year for a class, and only if there is nothing left on my Kindle).

As someone venturing into the library field, I like to read and keep up with all the latest and greatest. So I’m adding this page to my blog. This page will be dedicated to all my favorite books I have read and maybe a few I want to read.

To make it easier for you to look for books, I have added a link to Amazon. It is an affiliated link, so there is no extra charge for you to use it, but I get a little kickback to help keep the blog going.

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Now that you have a place to shop, what do you need to shop for. Honestly you can use the link to shop for anything, but I hope you are buying books. And I think I can anticipate your next question. What books do I buy?

Well… I have several listed to the side that I have reviewed through Goodreads, but I will tell you a few more.

My favorite YA Series I have read this year is… 


The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo. This amazing series is about Alina Starkov who is just a soldier about to cross the Shadow Fold for the first time. This deep and dangerous trek leads her into a place where few travel and many fear. It is filled with unnatural monsters that fly and rule this swath of land that splits her country in half. But as they are crossing, Alina’s ship is attacked and her best friend is dragged into the darkness by the monsters. Alina unleashes powers she did not know she possessed to save her friend and is swept into a world of magic and splendor. She trains with the Grisha, a groups of magical elite soldiers who are lead by The Darkling. Soon she finds herself under his spell and into dark intrigue that pulls her deep into the war that has plagued her country since the Fold was created. Can she save her country? Is she the one who can drive back the darkness of the Shadow Fold? Find out in this amazing trilogy.

My Current Favorite Author…

This author has unexpectedly caught my attention. Erin Watt is not actually one author, she is two bestselling authors who have combined their super powers of writing to create addicting books that I personally can’t and don’t want to put down. The books fall under the YA (Young Adult) category and they do have some scenes and situations that may not be suitable for the really young adults, but I highly recommend them to any who likes to dive into a world and lose themselves for several hours at a time.

Royal’s Series: There are 4 books in this series to this point (the fifth is expected in January 2018) and it follows the bad boys of the Royals. Ella is dropped right into this dysfunctional family after Callum (the dad) hunts her down and drops a bomb that makes her life explode. Her father, Steve, was actually his partner, he has dies and Ella has inherited his money. She is plucked out of her poverty, never-knowing when she will eat, has to strip for a living life and set none to gently into the lap of luxury. Enter Reed, the second oldest out of five. He is against this from the beginning, until he isn’t. Ella has to learn to manage this new lifestyle while navigating the twists and turn of a private high school, lying, cheating, and some of the worst people she will ever encounter. Not to mention at the end of book 2 there is a nasty little twist that throws everyone’s lives into a whirlwind that threatens to suck everyone away.

Book 4 begins Easton’s story. He is the third oldest, and like to party, fight, gamble, and drink a lot! He is as bad as bad boys come until Hartley walks into his life at the most unexpected and awkward moment ever.  Easton has struggles of his own, but toss in someone else’s problems and it proves too much to handle. This leaves the reader with the most wicked cliffhanger ever, but I’m sure it will be worth it. Just remember: The Royals will Destroy You!

When it is Real: This stand alone novel is the story of Vaughn Bennett and Oakley Ford. Vaughn is just your average girl who is working her butt off to raise her younger siblings after her parents died when she is offered a job that could change everything. To make enough money for her to go back to school and help her family all at once, all Vaughn needs to do is date the Pop Star, Oakley Ford.

She does not understand why a pop star would need to pretend to have a girlfriend when he could have anyone. She is turned off by his initial arrogance and overall obnoxious behavior, but somewhere along the way something changes. Could this be more than just a paid gig, or is Vaughn making something out of nothing?

My Favorite Books of All Time

Ok, it has been a few weeks since I last posted something about my favorite books, but I have another one.

I have two in fact, and they are my all time favorite books ever! I know this is a huge build up, but I love to leave people in suspense. Drumroll please………..

 My first one is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. You might think this is a cheesy girl book, but this classic has humor, love, hate, and siblings in a crazy family that find themselves in the middle of what can only be the scandal of the century.

Elizabeth Bennet is the second oldest of five siblings, all girls. Her momma very much wants to see all her daughters married and out of the house with large incomes and husbands to go with them. When Mr. Bingley moves into the neighborhood everyone is vying for his attention since he is worth $5,000 a year. To introduce Mr. Bingley to the neighborhood, he is invited to a dance and bring a friend, Mr. Darcy. This is the first encounter Elizabeth has with Mr. Darcy, and unfortunately it does not go well at all. But things go very well for Elizabeth’s older sister, Jane, whom Mr. Bingley starts to fall for immediately.

This happy rosey time cannot last forever, because just when Jane thinks Mr. Bingley will propose, he moves back to the city leaving her to wonder why. When Elizabeth finds out the Mr. Darcy had something to do with Mr Bingley leaving, she believes that he has taken away all chance of her sister’s happiness. Things progress and when a scandal rocks the core of the family, there is only one person who could help. When Elizabeth finds out what Mr. Darcy did to help her younger sister, she finds herself rethinking how she sees him and who he is as a person.

If you like this story you will also like the movie and .

There are also spin offs of this story. One of my favorites is

This version of the Pride and Prejudice story changes how Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy meet. She never hears him say that he only finds her passably pretty. The story has some interesting twists and turns and I found it as satisfying as the original.

The second book that I would count as my all time favorite is……….
 Anne of Green Gables. This amazing story of a young precocious red-head is a story I have read at least 10 times. Anne is a orphan that accidentally is chosen to live with the Cuthberts. Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert are brother and sister who run the farm they inherited from their father. Matthew is getting older and Marilla thinks it would be a good idea to adopt a little boy to help out around the farm. When Mrs. Spencer drops off Anne at the train station to wait for Matthew, she never realizes the mistake she made. Matthew take home Anne where she eventually finds out that they did not want a girl. After a disappointing night spent in the ‘depth of  despair’ Anne find herself on the way to Mrs. Spencer’s house to figure out the mistake. When everything’s said and done, Marilla brings Anne home for a trial period that turns into one adventure after another. There are eight books in this series that takes us through the different ages of Anne. She eventually grows up and has a family of her own. The last few books tell the story of her children. It is a truly entertaining family story that all ages will enjoy.

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