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Bring on the Crazy

T-5 day and our lives will be topsy-turvy for a several weeks. The month of August is a non-stop roller coaster ride of crazy starting right at the beginning. The month starts with closing on the new house. This is just the beginning, there is starting a new job, finishing up my classes for the summer courses, new teacher orientation, lesson plans, movers, moving, packing, and unpacking.

Oh me, oh my…this is an unthinkable amount of things on the to do list. So this is one of those months that the stress levels is above and beyond what is manageable. And honestly, I don’t have time to put anything else on my plate, but I’m hoping nothing else gets added, but I can almost guarantee there will be something else.

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So what do I do when the stress gets overwhelming and all I want to do is curl up and sleep? There are several things.

The first, is I do take some short naps when I can fit them in. This helps to renew my energy and helps my brain focus on what needs to be done once I’m up and moving again. The naps don’t have to be long, but anything helps.

The next thing I do is make lists. I have a list for school and a list for home. I keep them on my phone with the Google Keep app. It amazing and I can share it with other people, so they can help me stay on track…or maybe take something off my plate.

There is always other ways to relieve stress, but right now I’m should be doing homework. It is my final assignment, and the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can cross it off my list.

See you next week.