Crazy is an Understatement

I’m going to start off by apologizing to my readers. I’m sorry I have been MIA for the last 10 days, but crazy has hit an entirely new level in our household.

As I mentioned in my last blog, we were getting close to moving day. Well, moving day has come and gone leaving our lives in chaos of change and not being able to find anything we need.

So…I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but I hate moving. There isn’t anything fun about it. Right now I have about 150 boxes to go through and clothes to unpack. Then there is the remembering where you put everything that is unpacked. Uggggggggggg!

To add another level to this time, I also started my new job. So here’s how everything went down.

On August 1, the kids and I came to town and stayed with my parents. Keith was already there because he started his job July 23. We had signed the paperwork for the house on Monday (which I had to make a special trip to town to do), but we couldn’t get the keys until Friday.

August 2, I started New Teacher training which means I’m sitting in meetings for 4 days. Friday at lunch we picked up the keys, finished up our meetings, and went to pick up a trailer a friend on my Mom’s was letting us borrow.

We made the first trip of the move Saturday morning, but there is a catch. No move in the history of the world has ever gone smoothly, and ours is no exception.

Friday night, Keith comes to me and tells me that Saturday morning he has a teacher interview to do for an art teacher. So that means he has to come back to town for the interview which took out about 4 hours of the day.

Ok, so nothing is perfect. Honestly, I never thought it would be, but a girl can always hope. Well, we made several runs between Saturday and Sunday. We were able to get quite a bit of the boxes and stuff moved over.

Monday and Tuesday was filled with more new teacher meetings and unpacking of boxes. Wednesday brought on more crazy.

We hired movers to move all the big furniture from one house to the other. It started off a little bumpy, but they got the job done with only a few minor issues. All I have to say is thank God for movers. That is a job I never want.

Thursday and Friday brought more meetings and unpacking along with another complication we weren’t expecting.

By Thursday, we realizes we were running out of clothes, most especially underwear. We realized it had been about 12 days or so since we last did laundry.

Wednesday we go to hook up the washer and dryer and find the plug is not right. My step father-in-law fixes this for us by installing a new plug and we have a dryer, but as we go to hook up the washer, we realize the faucet handle is broken on the cold water so all we have is hot water. This won’t work because I don’t wash hardly anything in just hot water, so as I’m writing this my wonderful husband is at the hardware store trying to find the right price to fix the faucet so we can do laundry.

I’m telling you that this has been such a crazy time, and hopefully it is going to slow down enough that I can get my classroom ready for kids (which starts August 17), and maybe, take a short breath before falling back into the crazy one more time.

Have a great week and I will talk to you next week hopefully with a story from the first day of school.


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