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Crazy Work Days

So, I have said it before. I work hard. I have two jobs, raise three kids, spend time with my husband, go to school, and play with a dog that will the chase ball forever. But today something changed, and I can happily say that I work only one job.

Yes, you heard it correctly, I ONLY WORK ONE JOB. Today was my last day to work my second job. I was really excited for this day, and I would be elated that I was leaving a job that I really didn’t like, but worked because we needed the money.

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In truth, leaving was bittersweet. I was happy knowing I don’t have to go back to the second job anymore, but at the same time…I’m going to miss all the friends I’ve made over the last 4 and 1/2 years. Despite working in a large retail chain and all the pains that comes with dealing with customers, I have make some really great friends that I will truly miss.

The best part about working someplace is not just having a job. A job is a job, but the people you meet and get to know are what makes it worth going to work everyday. I would not be the person I am without meeting those people.

It made my day to have so many people come up to me and wish me well. Many are hoping that I will be able to come in from time to time just to say hi, and I have made the promise that I will. It was hard to say goodbye to some of the people, but not the job in general.

So, to all my coworkers that I didn’t get to say goodbye to today, I want to say it now. Goodbye, I hope our paths cross in the future. You are fabulous people and made it worth coming into work everyday.

Until next week…


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