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Crazy in Love

Today is a special day because 16 years ago, I put on a pretty dress and walked down an aisle to meet the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with. I have to say that after spending 16 years with someone, it has been a fun, crazy, and, at time, trying time.

Picture courtesy of Christine Gable.

Because of this marriage, I have three wonderful children who keep me on my toes and a husband that I know loves me. I’m not going to lie, there have been times that I questioned my decision, but in the end, I know there isn’t anyone else that I would choose to walk through life with.

I want to start be telling a little story. Once upon a time, a young girl agrees to go on a date with a hansome boy who happens to come find her while she is working. This leads to long conversations on the phone in which her dad is not always happy about, but lives with because he love his daughter and wants to see her happy.

Anyway, this boy and girl spend a lot of time together and eventually go away to college together. After several years of dating, the boy proposes on Valentine’s Day and of course she says yes. They finish up their last year of college and after graduation the big day approaches.

You would think that this fairy tale would be perfect, but this fairy tale has some major flaws that the soon to be husband and wife have to navigated before the “happily ever after.” So like I was saying the big day approaches.

The weather turns hot and summer is in full swing. The boom and crack of fireworks is a  fond and not too distant memory as they are preparing for the big event. Meanwhile in the real world, the city is hosting one of the biggest events ever, The Women’s US Open. This means that any guest that is coming in from out of town either has to stay with relatives or in cramped quarters at the bride’s parents house because there are no hotel/motel rooms to be found for a good 100 miles.

The day comes and the bride and groom are excited because they are surrounded by all their most important family and friends. The church is ready, the bride is ready, the groom is in place when the air conditioning in the church stops working. With it being July, hot, and the middle of the of the Women’s Open, there was no way to get someone there to fix it, so we make the best of it.

The lights get turned up so the bride can walk down the aisle, and then turn down everywhere but the front of the church to help keep it cooler. Despite the heat, dripping sweat, and all the imperfections that came with the ceremony, the marriage has been full of love, happiness, imperfections, and all the happily ever afters the couple could want.

I will be the first to admit that our marriage is not perfect, but no one’s marriage is perfect. There are trials and tribulations that come with every marriage because no one is perfect. I think the imperfections is what makes the marriage special and perfect for us.

That being said, I have one message for my husband:

I will always choose you. No matter what is going on or how rough life gets, I will continue to choose you. You are the only one I want and I love you no matter what.

Happy Anniversary!

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