Crazy Old

This weekend is my husband’s 20th class reunion. I will admit that mine is later this summer, but it honestly does not feel like it should be 20 years.

I’m sure many of my classmates would agree with me that 20 years may sound like a lot of time, but in reality it has been a blink of time.

Each of us has lived our own lives and some have accomplished great things, such as starting a new school. Others would probably say they haven’t done anything as great as that, but instead started a family.

To everyone who thinks that have not done anything great with their lives, I say it doesn’t matter how big or small the accomplishments have been, your life is always something great.

Some of these people I haven’t seen since graduation, but I’m still looking forward to seeing them because we had a shared experience of going to school together. Some of them may not have been my favorite people on high school, but people grow and change.

I look forward to seeing how everyone has changed or not changed and all the new additions to families.

Despite not feeling like I’m almost 40 (because when you add 18 to 20 it equals almost 40) I know that it is just around the corner. I’m looking forward to what’s around that corner because the best years are yet to come.

Until next week!

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