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A crazy Couple of Weeks

I feel slightly disappointed. Last week was the first week since I started this blog the I didn’t make a post. I feel let down, but I also know that there wasn’t anyway that I had the time or energy to put into a post. I wanted to do something for Father’s Day, but I couldn’t even manage that.

That being said, this week there is a post and even though it maybe short, I still accomplished it. So what happened last week that caused me not to make a post. Well, truthfully, it was homework. Last week I had to create a website for a lesson plan. If you want to see it you can find it here. I spent the entire week working on and perfecting this website. By the time I had finished perfecting the website, there wasn’t any time left to write a post.

black ball point pen with brown spiral notebook
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I started to write something on Sunday, but there just wasn’t anything in me. I was tired and drained. Mentally, I could not formulate a complete sentence let alone put together enough words to create a blog.

After that, this week was not much better. I had another website to create another website which you can see here. This one took up most of my week. The rest was work.

I also a big announcement…as of July 13, I am a one job women. Yes, you heard me right. I will not longer be working two jobs. Since I will be working as a second-grade teacher, I will not have to work two jobs.

I am unbelievably excited about only working one job. I will still be going to school and raising three kids. There are new adventures on my horizon, and I’m looking forward to sharing them all with you.

I hope everyone has a great week. Next week I will update you on the house buying process and even post some pictures of our new house.


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