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Cleaning Like Crazy

Ok, so I know that I’m posting later then I normally do, but this week and every week for the last 3 to 4 weeks we have been cleaning our house to keep it up for showings. With the house on the market, we have to make sure that the house is ready for showing pretty much all the time.

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In this process of keeping the house clean, I have learned several lesson that I would like to pass on to everyone. So what have I learned? I have learned that…

  1. Keeping your house clean is hard. I’m not saying that I don’t keep my house clean on a regular basis because I do, but keeping the house clean for showings is another beast all together. Everything has to be perfect or be able to pick up and leave the house in less than 10 minutes. With three kids, this is a near impossible task.
  2. You will always pack something and realize you need it later. Over the last few weeks, we have packed up about 85% of our house in an effort to keep it clean. The kids’ rooms are mostly packed up to make sure there isn’t anything to make a mess with, and the rest of the house is the same way. The only problem is a lot of the stuff I packed as a way to make sure the house is clean, is things that we actually need occasionally. Needless to say, we have been super creative when we realize that we packed what we need.
  3. I still hate cleaning the bathroom. This is the one thing that I hate the most when cleaning the house because I’m the only person who cleans the bathroom. I will say that there has been a few occasions during our marriage where Keith has taken the time to clean parts of the bathroom, but most of this task falls on me. Needing to make sure it is clean everyday is not my favorite task, especially when it comes to cleaning the kids’ bathroom. They are not much help keeping it clean.
  4. You can’t keep the house spotless. I think there is an unrealistic expectations put on homeowners who put there house on the market. Thanks to the many shows on TV that portray houses that are in perfect showroom quality, people expect houses they look at to be the same way. This is not going to happen. All houses have flaws and will require people to do some work when they buy them. I can’t keep my house in the spotless and there are parts that need to be fixed. Don’t expect perfection.

Ok, this is just a few lessons I’ve learned over the last few weeks. I know not everyone has the same experience when selling their house, but I will tell you that it is not a task to be taken lightly. The good news is I think we may have found a house, but I will have to give the details next week.

Don’t forget to leave any comments below. I love hearing from people about their experiences. Have a great week.


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