The Last Crazy Day

Yesterday was the last day with kids, and this year it was bittersweet for me. I’ve work at the school for six years, but this year I had to say goodbye. My family, as many of you already know, is off for a new adventure.

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The end was just another day. We had tests, had lots of hugs,  and celebrations in the hall. I savored the last few hugs and the kids telling me they passed their classes. I congratulated them with fits bumps and high-fives. Then it was quiet. Once the kids filtered out of the school, there is always a lot of quiet. Most of the time I love that part of the day, especially after a busy productive day. But this quiet is different, it is the quiet of past memories and students I will not see again. It is the friends I have made and the colleagues that I admire. This quiet is deafening.

All too soon the summer will be over and I will be starting my new adventure. I have good news. As of Monday, I will be teaching 6th grade next year. There is bound to be lots of exciting things to write about and new adventures to share.

I will also have all three of the kids in the same school for one year, so it will be my turn to haul them to school with me and sign all the papers. I am excited to meet the challenges and a little nervous about starting something new, but at least I have all summer to dwell on that.

So for now I say goodbye to a chapter in my life and hello to the unknown. The excitement is close to out-weighting the nerves.


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