Calming the Crazy

And just like that, the crazy is quiet for a few minutes. With our house officially on the market, we made one last push to get the rest of the basement cleaned out and ready for showings. It looks amazing.

So this week will be a time for use to take some much needed breaks and breathe for a few days before the crazy of the last week of school over takes us and we are flung into summer.


Everything keeps progressing towards this ending that is easy to see, but hard to manage. We have lived in our current house for eight years, and in out town for almost 16. This move is both exciting and a little bittersweet. We will be closing one chapter, but opening up another that will bring excitement, new adventures, and growing pains.

It is in those growing pains we reach closer to the person we want to be. I hope that the growing pains never go away because then I have become too complacent. I enjoy a good challenge, and the last few years have provided multiple challenges to keep me working hard.

In the next few months, I hope that the challenges of moving into a new house and setting up everything with the household will be a pleasure. I hope my family adjusting to a new schedule and town will be a welcome challenge we each will take on.

For now, I’m going to enjoy the calm and hope for the best when the storm rolls through again.

Have a great weekend! Please leave comments below on how you enjoy the calm moments in your life. I look forward to reading them.


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