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Packing Up the Crazy

This week we finally was able to put our house on the market. This has been quite the process for us, and not always a family friendly process either.

So what does it mean to prepare to put the house on the market. For those of you who have never been through this process, or it has been a while since you have bought or sold a house, the process is time consuming and not always satisfying.

Picture courtesy of Christine Gable.

To be able to put our house on the market, we have worked for the last two to three weeks packing everything we think is nonessential to use living in the house for the next few months. This has been a hard process not only for Keith and I, but for the kids as well.

Since April was so busy for us as a family, there were very few weekends where Keith and I were home at the same time. This made it extremely difficult for use to work together to accomplish anything.  So here is exactly what we did.

On the weekends where Keith was home he worked on fixing anything that needed fixed. He re-stained the deck, painted some walls, cleaned the carpets, scrubbed almost every surface in our house, and kept the kids from creating more messes then necessary. He has done an excellent job, and there was no way I would ever be able to do this without him.

When I was home and Keith wasn’t it was my turn to tackle other jobs that needed to be done. I was the one incharge of packing everything to take to storage. There was one weekend where I spent almost 10 hours just packing up two rooms. (By the way, we have a lot of stuff!)

I have spent time packing up each of the kids’ bedrooms and pretty much stripped it down to nothing. They still have a few select toys out, but for the most part everything is now in storage. Thank goodness the weather is warming up and they can spend most of their time outside playing.

I packed away any clothes that we would not need for this summer, and anything not essential to the next few months. It is hard to decide what you really need and what you would just like to have out. Anything that did not fall into the really need category was put into a box.

So why go to all this trouble? We are still living in the house, and until we sign the papers, it is still our house, right? Yes and No. It is our house, but we have to take almost everything personal out so other people can imagine their stuff in our house. This has been my biggest bone of contention over the last month.

We have looked at our fair share of homes. Some with people still living in them and other empty. Each has their own set of problems, and it never bothered me to have someone else’s stuff in the house. Yes, I have seen some weird and random things, but as long as it was clean enough for me to actually look at the house and see if it would work for my family, I didn’t care what was still left there.

There have been time that I resent the fact that we have to take all of our stuff out just so other people an look at it. We are still living there! We still need to have some things out that make it easier for us to be there.

I just hope that as we continue our process, we will be able to make this a quick journey and find our new home soon. I’ll have more next week, so this is goodbye until then.

Please leave your comments below, and have a great week.


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