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Now for the Crazy News

I know most of you have been waiting in anticipation of this weeks announcement. So let’s not wait any longer…OUR FAMILY IS MOVING!!!

This last month has been a whirlwind of excitement and upheaval for our family, and it all started the Monday of Spring Break. Yeah, you heard it right. I kept a secret for almost a month. Anyway, back to the story.


I actually have to backup a few days and tell you how this crazy happened. My husband, Keith, completed his Master’s in Administration not quite two years ago and has put in application over the last couple years hoping to finally get the chance to become a principal.

On the Thursday before Spring Break, he was at the NCAA basketball tournament in Wichita, and he received an email from a school to find out when it was convenient to talk to him. He emailed back and get a call on Saturday for an interview on Monday.

I had to work that day, so he loaded the kids into the truck and dropped them off with grandparents before going to his interview. His interview last several hours. After I arrived home that night, he didn’t say much other than it was a unique experience and he really enjoyed his time there.

Now the waiting game, but we didn’t have to wait very long. Tuesday night, he got the call and accepted the position. So this was the start to our crazy, mind spinning month. We decided to not tell the kids right away because it would not be official until the second week in April.

While we spent time at my parent’s, we drove around and looked at houses to get an idea of where in town we might want to live. We contacted a realtor and have started our search. We may even have someone interested in our house and it’s not even on the market.

This has been such an exciting time for our family. We are looking forward to all the new experiences and being closer to family. There is so much in store for us and I think it’s time for use to begin our new journey.

Thanks to everyone who knew earlier for keeping our secret. And for everyone else, I hope you continue to join us in our families amazing, crazy journey.


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