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Spring Break Crazy, Maybe

As mentioned in last week’s blogs, this week is our Spring Break. It started out in the best possible way. I left work as soon as possible and came home to a quiet house. J was up stairs in his room playing and I sat and vegged out on the couch. Let the resting and recharging being.


The weekend started with sleeping in. We fixed a late breakfast, and ran some errands in town. The best part of the weekend was my mom coming over and just spending the afternoon together. I don’t get to do this enough, so when it happens it the best time. We worked on some sewing projects and cooked Chinese food. At the end of the day, S decided to go home with grandma. So for Sunday, we only had two kids.

Monday and Tuesday brought some new excitement, but I will save that for a later post. There is much excitement in our household, that definitely deserves its own post.

Tuesday also brought a sick kid. S has been at Grandma’s house since Saturday, and early Tuesday morning she get sick. Thanks Grandma for fielding this one. Hopefully it is the last bit of sickness for this year.

Wednesday was a day of working on homework to try to get ahead, and the rest of the week we spent at Grandma’s. The boys spent time at the basketball games and the girls went to the movies. I think it has been a very successful Spring Break.

I love that spring is a time of new beginnings and adventures. We have many adventures that await us this year. Just wait and see what we can do as a family.


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