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Crazy Sick

This has been one of those weeks, or two that parent dread. Sickness has hit our house. J, S, and E have all been sick, in turns, for over a week. It all started last Wednesday, and I don’t think it will be done until Saturday.

James was the first one to come down with the symptoms. He was running a fever for about four days and had the aches and pains. He made it through, and the E cam down with the same thing on Sunday.

J went back to school on Monday and he had a band concert on Tuesday night. You can see an excerpt below. I have to say it is an improvement over the last concert, but only by a few songs.

E missed most of the week of school, but made it back, kind of, in time for her concert last night. One song is posted below. For her missing the few days up to the concert, she did really well.

So once J was well and back to school, and E was feeling better and almost back to school, S wakes up Wednesday morning with a fever. She is still in bed and her fever probably will not break until tomorrow. For now she is resting comfortably and watching Netflix.

With all the sickness in the house it is always a coin toss who gets to stay home with the kids, but this time. Keith volunteered to stay home. This has been amazing. I usually stay home with the kids, but it has been nice to pass the duties off to his capable hands. Keith has also cleaned the house, sprayed every possible surface with Lysol, which I think we should take stock in, and made sure the kids are staying in there rooms so the germs aren’t spread all over the house. I just ready for everyone to be well again.

I know once we are all back on our feet, then we will be going about our crazy busy life once again. I hope everyone is staying well and has a great week. See you next week.




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