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Crazy Mom Moments

I’m sure, if you have kids, or work with kids, or have been around kids for any length of time you have had “Mom Moments”. These special moments in the life of a mom that are specially arranged for you by someone who, with a much higher power, decided you needed to experience something gross, funny, or just crazy. Over the years, I have experienced several, and ever now and then, Facebook reminds me of them. It’s like Karma reminding you that you are still human and have no control over what happens to you.


J at Christmas. Photo courtesy of Christine Gable.

So let’s start this trip down “Mom Moment” lane by recounting the incident I just experienced this past week while preparing to go to work. J woke up with a head cold that had his nose plugged and his head full of snot. We used some nasal spray to help him loosen up the snot in hopes that it would clear his head. As I was preparing to walk out the door, I hear, “I need a Kleenex, I need a Kleenex.” I turn around to see what is going on think he has a bloody nose and I see it. He has the biggest snot bubble hanging out of his nose. I swear it was at least 2 inches long and an inch wide. It was so gross.

There’ve been lots of things I have experienced as a parent that’s grosses me out and made me gag, but that snot bubble was something I can see every time I close my eyes. It’s one of those things that is burned into your retina never to go away. This is not the only thing that sticks in my memory.

2011-11-24 08.38.46.jpg
S when she was about 18 months. Photo courtesy of Christine Gable.

I can remember another time when S was still pretty young, about the age of the picture above. She was playing in the playroom, and I left long enough to help J with something. When I came back, she was digging at something in her nose. Now, I’m sure as a parent you have experienced kids putting things in place where they don’t belong. This time it was a small piece of crayon. She had stuck it in her nose and was trying to get it out. Lucky for me, I grabbed the tweezers and was able to get it out on my own. After the panic subsided, I laughed until I cried.

Not everything is funny at the time, but when you look back it somehow becomes funny. Then again somethings are just funny no matter what. Take for instant, when J was about 18 months, he was supposed to be taking a nap. Keith checked on J because he heard a noise. Keith called me to the room and there was J, sitting in the middle of his bed covered in baby powder. It looked like it had snowed in his room. He was covered in powder, the wall by his bed was covered in powder, his bed was covered in powder. I don’t even remember how it was cleaned up because we were laughing so hard. I’m sure it involved a bath and the vacuum, but the details are blurry.

I talked about things the oldest two have done, but not E. I thought about this for a while trying to come up with something that she has done, but I think she learned from the mistakes of her siblings because there is not really anything she has done that… wait I just remembered.

2012-06-09 09.52.57.jpg
E when she was 18 months. Photo courtesy of Christine Gable.

When she was about 2, she loved to color. Unfortunately, this did not just apply to paper. I know when it is quiet in the house the kids are either outside playing or up to no good. This time happened to be up to no good. E was coloring and she had found some markers. She colored herself, the walls, and several places in J’s room that are now hidden by furniture. We still have a few places where there are colorful reminders of past discretions, but not many.

Kids are the endless moments of fun and unexpected surprises. I’m sure there are more “Mom Moments” to come, and I’ll  share them as they pop up, but right now I want to hear about your “Mom/Parenting Moments”. We all have them and it’s important to share those moments with other. Leave you parenting moments in the comments below. See you next week.


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