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Snow Day!

Yesterday was one of those unexpected days that teachers live for; a snow day. In our family snow days are rare gems that are free days for us to do nothing. Since we are both in education, my husband and I both get off when there is bad weather.

So, what did we do on our day off. We took E to the orthodontist. Yes, despite the bone-chilling wind and ice covering the ground we braved the weather to be at the orthodontist for 5 minutes. Since we were already out, we decided to get our weekend running done. Saturday will be an easy day since there will be no errands to run.snow-snow-heart-heart-winter-159829.jpeg I have to admit the roads were not that bad, so why did the district give us a snow day? That is a very good question. And I have a great answer.

There are many reasons schools call a snow day. This is the first snow day we have had in three years. it is also the longest we have ever gone without having a snow day. In our district we have at least two days built into the school year to allow for snow days. So, giving us a snow day we are not actually messing up our calendar or the amount of days students are required to be in school.

Another reason is we have a lot of high school students that drive. These inexperienced drivers are not always on the top of their game when it comes to driving in snow and ice. The high school students are not just driving a few miles. Some of them are coming in from the west side of Wichita, so this drive can be up to 20 minutes or more. We also have many students the live in the surrounding countryside and the county doesn’t always get the roads clean in a timely manner.

One factor that might pay a part in call off school is the fact that many of our students are bussed in. As many school districts around us, we are short on bus drivers. Combine this with the extremely cold temperatures and kids will be standing in the frigid weather for longer than recommended.

Snow day are wonderful. I love the unexpected day off no matter how much it messes with school activities and lessons. Being able to spend that extra time with the family it the best part of the day.

I hope everyone has a snow day sometime this winter. Enjoy every moment of it at that unexpected time with family.



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