Thankful for the Crazy

This time of year I am thankful for how crazy my life is, and know the alternative would be sad and boring. I love that my family keeps me busy, and everything else fills in the tiny cracks of time. I would not change anything.

I was able to spend Thanksgiving with family, even though I had to go into work that night. It was wonderful to spend time with people I don’t see very often. I wish I could see them more often. Picture courtesy of Pexels

Now we are gearing up for the rest of the holiday season. I already have my house decorated and we have done one of the many holiday traditions our family has.

My favorite tradition is taking the kids to pick out a new ornament for the tree. This tradition was started by my parents. From our first Christmas until we moved out into our own home, my brother and I would get to pick out a new ornament to hang on the tree.

Keith and I continued this tradition with the kids. Each year they pick out something that represents them this year. S picked out a gymnast, E picked out ballet shoes, and J found a Mario ornament. As we look back at the ornaments we see how much they have grown up and changed. When they are old enough to have their own house they can take the ornaments with them to start their tree.

There are other traditions that my family has and over the next couple posts I will be sharing those with you. Have a great holiday weekend.


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