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Crazy for Updates

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about what is going on in our family, so this week I wanted to take the time to give everyone an update. In the last few months we’ve been so busy with the activities for the kids and school that there has hardly been time to breathe, but I feel like we are slowly rising to the surface and about to breathe air for the first time in months.

Let’s start with the kids. (Fair warning, there will be a lot of bragging and bias when it comes to the kids.) J had his first band concert on Tuesday night. You can watch all 7 minutes and 47 seconds of it below if you are brave enough. I have to say for kids that have only been playing for 3 months it is pretty good, but maybe I’m a little bias.

Wasn’t that the best concert you’ve ever heard. Anyway, J also went camping the last two weekends in October and did the Space Derby for Scouts last weekend. He took 4th in his den and, being the bias mom I am, I think his was the best. J also tested for his next level in Tae Kwon Do. He is now a green belt.

J during his belt training. Picture courtesy of Christine Gable.

J has been busy and so have the girls. E is preparing with her dance class for their Breakfast with Santa dances. She has to learn two this year and she was excited when she came home from dance this week. Last year she wore reindeer antlers and a Christmas skirt, this year we may have to step it up a notch.

S is busy with gymnastics, but this week her and E are singing the Star Spangled Banner at the Veteran’s Day celebration at school. The girls have practiced hard and I hope someone gets a video of it because I can’t make it. There is a chance they may be on one of the news stations, so if they are, I will see if I can post the performance later.

On to the adults. Keith and I have been super busy just keeping up with the kids and all their activities. He and the kids are running in the annual Turkey Trot this year, and unfortunately it is on a day I have class, but we should get free turkeys for them running in it. The first half of this school year has been pretty stressful, and even though we are going into the holiday season things seem to be slowing down just a bit. Maybe we will be able to enjoy some family time between now and Christmas.

My class are doing great. Last month I presents a poster I created over my research topic on creating safe social media communities in schools. It was a good experience and I learned a lot and enjoyed listening to everyone else’s presentations. We each had a unique voice on our perspectives on what to change in the different library settings.

Picture courtesy of  Christine Gable. Taken October 21, 2017.

The last three months have been so busy, but I would not change anything. I’m looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the next month. It is time to get into the holiday spirit and give thanks for our blessings. Each day on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I will be posting what I thankful for. I encourage you to do the same and leave what you are most thankful for in the comments below. Have a great week.


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