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Crazy for Halloween

It’s that time of year. Time for the ghouls and ghosts to appear out of thin air and wonder among the living. It’s Halloween, or at least almost Halloween. In my family, this is a fun and crazy day.

2014-10-31 17.50.07.jpg
Photo contributed by Christine Gable. J, S, and E HAlloween 2014.

Each year the kids start looking for their costumes in September. We have learned that if we wait there won’t be anything left that they want. So they decide what they want to be and we begin the search to find the perfect costume.

This year, J is Harry Potter. He has the robe, uniform, and even a wand. He started reading the books, and, just like me, he has fallen in love with the stories. One of these day I will get a costume together for Molly Weasley, who is one of my heroes and someone I would love to aspire to be. She can do everything including defending and fighting for her family.

Anyways, I digress. S. has decided to be Mal from the Descendants movies. We are dying her hair purple this weekend (don’t’ worry it not permanent) because Mal has purple hair, and she wants it to be authentic as possible. She also wants me to dress up like Maleficent since that is Mal’s mom, but I haven’t found a costume yet. There is also not much time to try and make one, so we are on to the next idea.

E. has decided to be a cat. She found the cutest black dress with pink fur and a hood with ears. She wore it to dance class this week since they could dress up for Halloween. She looks so adorable.

Picture courtesy of Christine Gable. E in her Halloween Costume.

I’m sure we will be spending this weekend tying up loose ends for this coming Tuesday. They kids are excited. It will be chilly, but I’m sure they will have fun.

Part of our Halloween traditions is carving pumpkins, which is something we will also do this weekend. It just like the costumes. This kids pick a picture they want on their pumpkins and we spend hours gutting and carving pumpkins.

Sarah likes to bake pumpkins seeds. There are several recipes that we have used and you can make them savory or sweet. If you want some awesome recipes, I found a website on Pinterest called Wholefully. There are six different recipes and I’m thinking of trying the pizza flavored this year. Who knows, we made try all of them just to add a little spice to our crazy.

On the actual day of Halloween, there is so much going on. At school the girls are part of the school Halloween parade. The route walks them through our small downtown and back to the school. It is about a mile in all, but our local businesses have people out passing out candy and treats to the kids. Which they open and eat as soon as they get back to the school.

This is only the beginning of the crazy for the night. Since it get dark around 5:30 here, we like to take the kids out so we are not out too late. When I get home, I need a quick and easy meal to feed everyone. In the past I have made Mummy dogs and Skeleton Bones (aka. pig in a blanket and fries). This super simple meal get everyone ready and out the door in time to go collect all the goodies around the neighborhood.

Even though the night is crazy busy, I love spending time with my family and seeing how much fun they have meeting up with friends around the neighborhood. The night is really a magical time. I hope everyone has a spooky and safe Halloween.

Share some of your traditions or funny stories about Halloween in the comments below. I love to hear what other families do to celebrate this time of year.


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