Crazy for the Little Things

This week has been busier than normal. On Monday, E was sick so I stayed home to play nurse. I really enjoyed spending an extra day at home, but I felt like I missed so much in the real world beyond my door.

On top of the sickness, we are gearing up for parent-teacher conferences this week. That means unusual time for Keith for be away from home and there is even a day where I’m still at work in the high school and the elementary schools are out. Thanks to grandma and pappaw for coming to the rescue and babysitting the munchkins.

This weekend is also super busy with me going to school for my second weekend class, J and Keith are camping with J’s den, and once again grandma and pappaw are coming to the rescue and taking the girls for the weekend. If it all runs like a well-oiled machine we will all be lucky.

Anyways, on these super busy weeks I like to take a few minutes and thinks about all the little things that come together to make my life crazy and fabulous all at the same time.


The one thing I feel like I don’t always acknowledge is the fact that since I work two jobs and go to school my husband picks up a lot of slack at home. It is so nice to come home and find the kids in bed, the kitchen cleaned up, laundry done, and all the little things he does for the family everyday.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t help, but things would not get done nearly as fast or as well without him helping around the house. I grateful to know that I have someone I can trust and count on to help around the house.

I had a conversation with other women and many of them tell me that their husbands don’t help around the house and wouldn’t even know where to start if they had too. This makes me even more grateful for my husband and all the hard work he puts into our family.

I, also know, at times he doesn’t think I notice or help out very much. This can be a lonely feeling that I have felt in the past. When I stayed home with the kids for about 2 years, I know what it feels like when everything falls on your shoulders. It can be lonely and the burden unbearable.

I felt like I was responsible for everything because I was home. I should be doing more because he was working all the time and I was home. I was cranky and feeling caged. I also know that the feeling has a lot to do with perspective, and I just needed to change how I was looking at the situation, which is not easy.

I love that we can work together to get things done, but I want to give a huge shout out to my husband who carries more weight than he should, and works so hard for our family. I would not be able to do half the things I so without his help. He is an amazing guy and I could not have asked for better other half. Thanks for everything you do in helping our family be amazing, crazy, and fabulous.


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