Crazy for E’s Birthday

Tomorrow is a very special day. Tomorrow is E’s birthday, so I wanted to write out some birthday wishes for my youngest. But first, the story of how she decided to make an appearance in this world.

This story starts on a beautiful October night. I had just sat down to watch Bones and all of a sudden sharp pain ripped through my stomach. This did not put me in much of a panic because at this time I had already had two kids and a third was not going to be a problem. Then another pain raced across my abdomen.

Now, I was a little panicked. I texted Keith to let him know and called my mom. She was able to keep me calm, but the pain just kept getting worse and the pressure was unbearable.

I called my brother to come over to watch the kids and called Keith to let him know that he needed to come home now (because he was announcing a middle school football game at the time). I managed to get downstairs and James ran over to get the neighbor to wait while my brother showed up.

I met Keith in the garage, and I’m know the kids were panicking, but I could not focus on anything except keeping this baby from being born at home or in the car. Keith raced me to the hospital, which, thankfully, was not that far away.

As I walked in the hospital ER my water broke and I knew I was close. The ER attendants kept trying to ask me questions, and I don’t remember exactly what I told them, but I don’t know that it was nice.

Anyway, we get up to the room and I shimmy out of my clothes to get ready and everyone is pushing and pulling and poking at me. All I want is to get this baby out of me. I push a few times and out she pops all in a span of ten minutes. A beautiful baby girl. They clean her off and check to make sure everything is attached and healthy.

All I have to say is that has been the only time in her life that she was ever in a hurry to do anything, but I love her to pieces and I would not change her for the world.6176660368_IMG_1335.jpg

Now, for the birthday wishes. For you 7th birthday E, I hope you grow up to be an amazing woman who is strong, capable, and hard-working. I want you to know that you are amazing just the way you are, and nothing should ever change that.

I hope you have any wonderful birthdays and get the chance to celebrate each one with everyone you love because family and friends are important.

I want you to know that mom and dad love you very much and think you are bright and beautiful.

Happy Birthday, E!


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