Crazy for Randomness

Ok, I going to be perfectly honest. I have no idea what to write this week. Everything has been busy with school (which is going great and I just handed in a huge paper!) and the kids (who are busier than ever), that I really just haven’t thought about it, so you are going to get just some random thoughts and maybe a top 10 about what makes me happy. We’ll see.


First random thought: Why do children go out of their way to have someone they know is busy or trying to leave to do something for them? I ask because recently, and I honestly don’t know if I have fostered this or they are just really clingy right now, because all my child will ask me to do things for them when I am clearly busy or leaving the house. For example, earlier this week I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work, J stopped me (after his dad told him he would help him) and asked if I could help him with this homework. The answer was no, but he knew I was leaving.

It is like there is a switch in their brain that tells them to ignore all the possible signs that someone is busy. S, the middle child, not two minutes later as I was literally walking out the door as me to get her a drink. REALLY!

Don’t get me wrong. I like doing things for my kids, but I also want them to be independent. Mommy needs a balance, and as much as I would like to be, I’m not Wonder Woman (her lasso of truth would be really handy) or Molly Weasley (who is someone I aspire to be).

Second Random Thought: What should the expectations be for kids at 10, 8, and almost 7? As far as independence goes, I think my kids fall somewhere in the middle. They can do lots of things on there own, like fix themselves breakfast or lunch, but there are still things that I do for them, like their laundry.

I don’t remember doing laundry until I was about 12 or 13, so I think we are ok there, but, honestly, we struggle with getting them to help around the house. They have a chore chart and we have them mark them off as they do them, but they still struggle (we still struggle).

All I want is for them to grow up and be productive members of society, which I don’t think is asking too much. I also don’t want them to be spoiled and expect everything done for them just because that is the way it has always been (or at least that is the way it appears to them). Where is the line?

OK…as promised my:

Top 10 list of What Makes Me happy

10. Rainbows and unexpected rain showers
9. Quiet time without interruptions
8. Rainy days and books
7. Spending time with friends
6. Going to the movies
5. Getting flowers just because
4. Spending time with family I haven’t seen in awhile
3. Snuggles with kids, husband, or dog
2. Naps or Getting sleep without interruptions
1. Watching my kids

I’m sure there will be more random thoughts in future posts. If you have any random thoughts you would like me to explore please post them in the comments. Until next time!


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