Crazy for Unpredictability

Life is so unpredictable. This week has brought me an unexpected surprise. Like many of you there are people you have known in high school, college, or whatever, but for reasons that life will never explain you lose contact with each other. This has happened to me several time through my life.

In February, I met up with a friend from high school that I had not seen since we graduated. We had coffee and sat talking about life and everything for several hour. Even though I wish it could have been longer, my life called me back.

I loved learning about what she had been up to for the last few years (it’s been almost 20 if you can believe we are that old), and so happy we had that time together. Hopefully we will be able to spend more time together. I want to keep my friendships, and I value the input that they have on me life.

Then there was May. I was at my graduation and someone tapped me on my shoulder. It was an old roommate from college. She told me that one of our other roommates was also here. I was so excited that I almost didn’t want to go through with graduation. As we walked in for the processional, I saw her on the front row. It was so unexpected.

We caught up with each other after the ceremony and managed to get a picture together. I love it when life gives us those little unexpected moments that can’t be replaced. Even though it was brief and we really did not get much time together, I was glad she was there.

Lindsay and me after graduation, May 2017. Photo provided by Christine Gable.

It happened again at the beginning of this month. We were at the fair and I turn around to find one of my oldest friends standing behind me. We became friends because our parents were friends. We would play Barbies together, and the crazy dance contests we would have them do were an amazing part of my childhood.

Anyway, our boys are just a few months apart, and we still have so much in common, but once again life has that way of pulling on the threads of friendship. We spent several hours off and on hanging out together and talking with the promise of meeting up the next day because we were both coming back to the fair.

We missed each other the next day, but I’m glad we had the few hours together just to catch up. It is the best feeling in the world to turn around and find someone who you have missed without even knowing you are missing them.

Once again this week I found myself seeing a name pop up on my Instagram feed that I have not seen in over 10 year. I was stunned, surprised, elated, etc. There were so many feelings coursing through me because she is not one that normally does the social media thing.

It took me almost three days, but I messaged her. I had no idea what to write, but what came out was simple and from the heart. I am/was sorry that I let our friendship lapse and I was excited to see her show up on Instagram.

She is currently on an epic vacation, and I hope she has the time of her life. I also hope when she finally returns to the land of the living we can get together to renew that friendship.

It is true, you know. Life brings people to you when you need them the most. Sometimes it is for the duration, other it is for a short time, but there is always a reason. I like to think that seeing me friends after so long of a gap it means that friendships never really die it they were true to begin with.

I should probably stop there because I’m sure I’ve made my Mom cry again, but one last thought for this week. As I get older, I realize how valuable having  good friends are, and how much I have missed while my life has taken so many different roads. Keep your friends close. They love you for who you are and picked you out of everyone else because they saw something in you that was special and something they identified with. They are the ones that make life fun and unpredictable.


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