Crazy about Childhood

Childhood is such a funny thing. We spend most of it wishing we were older only to realize that being older sucks most of the time. Don’t get me wrong being an adult is fantastic most of the time, except when it isn’t.

I remember parts of my childhood, like the time we were living in Oklahoma City. It was summer and my brother, Steven, and I were playing in this pool my parents bought for us because it was so hot. The duplex yard was shaped like an “L” and there was a patio off my parent’s bedroom and off the living room. The pool was set up on the patio by the living room.

Me and my brother Steven in the summer of 1984. Photo courtesy of family pictures.

As we played, my dad came home and decided to scare us while we swam. He came out the bedroom door and charged around the house jumps into the pool. The force of his jump caused the sides to blow out in the pool. It was like something you would see on America’s Funniest Home Videos. Water sloshed everywhere, and Steven and I were swept into the yard while my mom stood at the sliding glass door watching all this unfold.

We laughed so hard until we realized we did not have a pool. We eventually had a new pool, but dad wasn’t allowed to jump in it anymore.

Another memory is when we went white water rafting. The water was still cold so we had to wear wetsuits. If you have ever squeezed into a wetsuit you will understand, but if you haven’t try it sometime and see what happens.

It took my mom and me almost ten minutes to shimmy into the wetsuit because we were laughing so hard. To say it was a second skin is an understatement. We wiggled and giggled to fit into the suits. If anyone would have come into that tent they would have thought we were practicing some sort of tribal dance. That is the hardest I have ever laughed in my life. Just thinking about it makes my ribs hurt.

There are more memories. The time we traveled to Houston to visit friends and then down to Galveston. The day at the beach was fun, but I came back with a brutal sunburn. There are so many good memories that I could not even began to describe them all.

Childhood is supposed to be a time where children can make mistakes and be messy. It is a time to learn and figure out the world. It is important to just be a kid. My mom and dad were great at letting us just be kids. Steven and I spent the time learning to navigate our changing world. We fought, we played, and we ignored each other. It was a blissful childhood.

I try to make sure J, S, and E have the same childhood, but I can already see that their childhood is vastly different from mine because the time I was growing up we were still on that bubble. It was the 80’s and 90’s, and we did not have the technology my kids do today. There was still time to play without distractions, to catch lightening bugs, and just be kids. I want the kids to be able to look back on their childhood and have memories that make them laugh and feel the fuzzy warmth that should come with childhood.

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