Crazy for Dogs

Seven years ago, our family lost a member. Our beautiful yellow lab, Abi eat some grapes that had dropped on the floor and she became really sick. I promise this in not going to be all sad, but I want to tell this story so other people know. Abi illness was something that could have been prevented, but we did not know that grapes were harmful to dogs.

The grapes create a toxin that cause renal failure. Even if we would have realized what was happening, I don’t know if the vet would have been able to do anything to save her. There is a treatment plan now for the toxin, but not very many people know that grapes can make dogs sick.

For me, this was a hard loss. She was my first baby. The unexpectedness of her loss was devastating, and being seven months pregnant made me an emotional wreck for several days that bleed into a few weeks.

Like all loss, time does heal, but for a long time I would still find myself looking for her, reaching out to pet her, or expecting to trip over her in the kitchen. Eventually E was born which distracted me from my loss, but I knew I wanted another dog.

Fast forward six years and a few months later. The kids had been campaigning hard for a dog. I was a pushover because I love having a pet, but Keith took a little more convincing. He finally cracked in November last year, and we started the search for a dog.

There are so many options when adopting an animal. Instead of purchasing from a breeder, we looked to the local humane shelters. My husband was searching several of the local humane societies and happened to stumble across Ginger.

Picture courtesy of Christine Gable.

So, in early December we went to Kingman Humane Society to meet Ginger. She was skittish and very unsure of our rambunctious kids, but still was friendly. We took the plunge and brought Ginger home with us that day. During the car ride home, she paced the van before finally settling down by the front seats.

I must admit those first two weeks were rough. There were a lot of growing pains for everyone. Me most of all because Ginger attached herself to me. The first few months she was very protective of me and I had to introduce the kids to her as mine.

She has slowly formed bonds with everyone else in the family. She likes to play ball, crawl under beds, and play outside. With a dog in the family, life will be interesting. The kids always have someone to play and eventually, when they are a little bit older, maybe she will decide they are ok to sleep with also.

If you would like to check out what other animals are up for adoption at checkout the Kansas Humane Society or search for a Humane society near you to find someone who needs your love as much as you need theirs.


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