Crazy for Sisters

One thing that will never fail to create craziness and chaos in our family is the sisters. Siblings in general add to the dynamic of families, but there is a special bond between sisters. In our house, S and E are the ones I can count on to disrupt the peace and keep me on my toes.

S and E’s story started almost seven years ago, when on a beautiful October night E was born, but that is a story for another time. The girls are 16 months apart, so don’t ask them if they are because they will tell you they are not. They could not be more different yet similar at the same time.

They like to do art projects, Shopkins, Barbies, and watching YouTube videos about art projects, Shopkins, and Barbies. E is really into playing video games and technology, but S is not. S likes baking and taking pictures, but E does not.

I watched them the other day while they were sitting in the living room. E was asking me what she could do because she was bored. S said something to E and E became upset to the point of crying. Almost immediately, S started to say, “Don’t cry, don’t cry” and then began to tickle E. E tried to hold back, but after a few well placed tickles she dissolved into giggles. This turned into a tickle war and both girls were laughing and giggling for the next ten minutes.

This is something that happens in many forms in our house. S will say something and E will get mad, or vise versa. Then one will try to make the other feel better or they go their separate ways until they are calmed down. There is this weird dynamic between that I have never experienced.

I have one brother, and I’m not knocking what we had a children because I have a wonderful brother and we had a great childhood. We were typical brother and sisters. We fought, we played, and we ignored each other during the appropriate phases of childhood. And I can see the same relationship between J and S. They are very similar in age difference and very much like my brother and me, but S and E are different.

2013-08-10 09.20.05
E and S at the zoo in 2013.

I am amazed everyday at how they grow and change. They are each other’s best friend even though they will not admit it most days. They share things only sisters share and doing thing that only sisters do. I hope that they can stay each other best friend while they pursue their own lives because what they have is special and unique to sisters.


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