Finding Hope in the Crazy

“Hope” is a thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all.

 -Emily Dickinson

Starting something new is scary. Put yourself out there and expose yourself to criticism is hard for everyone, but by starting something new gives hope that new opportunities are within reach.

As I start my journey with this blog, I am also starting a new journey with school. In May, I enrolled in a Master’s program to study Library Science. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but life seemed to get in the way. Now, I’m taking time to complete a program that will allow me to explore a passion.

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I find something very soothing about being in a library. I don’t know if it is the books, the people, or  just the space itself that I love, but it is something that calls to me. My love for the library started in high school. Spending time there studying, meeting friends, working on projects.

The love continued when I started working in the library during college. I shelved the books, so I was able to see different parts of the library. Now, I am lucky enough to help in the school library in between my other duties. I love interacting with the students and sharing my love for learning and books.

I am so excited to share this journey with everyone, but I am not the only starting a new journey.

My oldest, J, is ten and is also starting a new adventure this year. He will be a fifth grader, so that means a new school, some new friends, and mostly a new teacher. I know children get new teacher every year, but last year my husband had the pleasure/misfortune to be one of his teachers. (This was a decision made by me, and supported by Keith.)

For all of his academic life, J has been in the same school as his dad. Because Keith works in an elementary school, J grew up at the school. He was a part of the school before he entered Kindergarten, and now he will be in a different school with teachers that he has not grown up with and have not know him since birth.

I have to admit this is a little scary for me. I worry that he will not make new friends or that the new friends he makes will become bad influences. He can be gullible at time, and as much as I love him I cannot protect him from the world. His tender heart will have to learn to live in a world that like to trample people just because they are different in some way. He is the type to protect and care for others, so I know we, as parents, have done something right, but still I worry.

I know, like myself, there are others out there starting something new, also. The options have been weighed, and all the possibilities have been thought through. Now you are ready to take the first step off the cliff, and tt is always a long way down to the bottom.

So, with that being said, let me say some of my hopes out loud.

With the beginning of this blog, I hope to be more available to my family. By starting graduate school, I hope of becoming a librarian, and I am also starting a new school year with the hope that there is success for me and students at the end of the year. And finally, I hope J has his best year yet, and E and S also have fantastic school years.

So for many of you out there living your own crazy life, know that with each new journey there is hope of finding more of yourself, and maybe, more about the person you want to be. So, embrace the crazy because there is hope in the crazy. It is what binds us all together and makes us human.


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