First Day of School Craziness

Like us, many of you have children or grandchildren going back to school this week or very soon. It is a little crazy around our house the first day of school. Ok, it is crazy around our house all the time, but the craziness is amped up several notches on the first day of school because everyone is having their first day back to school. Including Keith and myself.

Going back to school can be a little scary for many kids (and some adults) even though they are going back to the same friends they knew last year. They may be starting a new school where they don’t know anyone. There are so many questions about who will be there friends, will they like their teachers, can they open their new locker, and the ever lingering question will they have homework.

With the never-ending questions, it is hard to concentrate on what actually is going on during the first day of school, so in order to help make my kids’ first day of school great I do a few of the following:

  1. Add a little note. I try to sneak in a note to the kids’ lunch bags or randomly in their school bags so they find it sometime throughout the day. I continue their during the year on days I know they have big tests or during weeks where they’ve had a rough patch. My daughter, S, has kept most of them in a little box on her dresser which I found this past summer as I was cleaning.
  2. Be the paparazzi. I take pictures. Lots of pictures. I will take them before they leave, my husband takes them when they get to school. I post them and let everyone ohh and ahh over them. I love my children and it is important that despite my busy schedule that they are number one for me all days of the year.
  3. Pack a special lunch. I usually have the kids pack their own lunch, but on the first day I like to pack a special lunch. It makes it easier to slip in notes, and I can pack them all their favorites.
  4. Have a special dinner. If I’m home during the evening (this year I have to work), I like to fix a special dinner. It give everyone a chance to tell about their day, the good, the bad, and the exceptional.

This is just a short list of things to do for the first day of school. There are so many special ways to let you kids know that you are thinking about them. I hope you find several special ways to let your kids know that they will rock the first day of school. I know the first day around our house will be exciting and filled with heroic tales of making new friends and remembering locker combinations.

Let me know special ways you spend the first day of school with your kiddos. I’m always looking for new ideas. Leave your comments below and remember is it ok to live a crazy life.


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